Fashion Ideas

Mostly the Fascinators are made on slide combs, but clips are also available, and some ladies prefer the Fascinator to be incorporated onto a headband of a matching or contrasting colour. All three ideas are great and can be incorporated to one’s personal taste.


Custom Design Fascinators to Match Outfits

Ladies, if you have a particular outfit you wish to have a Fascinator created for you can either email a photograph of your outfit or mail me a piece of fabric and I can match the fabric and feathers to this and so create your perfect accessory.


A Fascinating Accessory

One of the many wonderful things about Fascinators is, if one really wants to wear a hat, a basic hat can be purchased and, by simply attaching a Fascinator, it can be given a completely unique look. For instance…
A basic black hat can be worn to many functions just by adding a different coloured Fascinator in a different position each year.
Nobody will ever guess it’s the same hat!!!
What a bargain!!
Fascinators are a much less expensive alternative to a hat.


Another Side to the Fascinators

Fascinators are so versatile and can be worn in different positions on the head to give an alternate look.
A fascinator worn on the left hand side of the head to one occasion, will look entirely different if worn on the right hand side of the head to another occasion, as the detail will change.

They can even be worn at the back of the head or on the top for varied effects and dimensions.
What a fantastic, cost effective fashion solution!






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